Introducing Sabrina

Introducing Sabrina

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We thought it would be hard to build the biggest Hucow stable in the world. It turns out to be a lot easier than expected! Women just report themselves at the barn now! Unbelievable but true. There must be a deep hidden desire in most women to be milked and this feeling can’t be suppressed when they discover this website! Sabrina is a slightly older Hucow, big boobs and an even bigger desire to be kept in the barn to be milked. Her sole purpose is to live as a Hucow. Straight onto the red cow milker she goes!

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  1. Hi,
    Would be great to have 4 or 5 of the Hucows with big utters next to each other. With tight corsets so their boobs look even bigger. Katie, Chessie, Lulu, Maggie and this one Sabrina.

  2. So many new cows! It’s so exciting!

  3. JoeMaverick

    Awesome work!! I LOVE the web site! Any way to add info about the hucow’s to their profile? Such as …… utter size, nipple size (both length and width), and whether oral (hucow giving/owner receiving) and vaginal stimulation is an option for milk production.

    Thanks again and keep up the good work!!


  4. Are you really trying to induce lactating (which they say is possible by stimulation) all the girls?

  5. JoeMaverick

    Hey! Again great work! Might this hucow, sabrina, be the awesome sabrina fox?

  6. Pablantade

    Where is vina ? ??

  7. She needs to be naked

  8. ich sage auch sie soll nackt sein und mehr Training, sie hält schön still, hat ein prächtiges Milcheuter und die Zitzen bekommt ihr auch noch wesentlich länger

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