Maggy – long overdue

Maggy – long overdue

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How did Maggy’s udders get so enormous?! They are incredibly huge, maybe even the biggest in the stables right now. Her back must be killing her! We are here to help. For Maggy, these sessions couldn’t come too soon, she needs to be induced and get some milk out of her to reduce the weight! Hanging down from the milking frame, we can properly see how big and heavy these udders are. Time to hook the red cow milker onto her and start pumping! We even turned it up above the usual strength, as these udders are going to need a lot of power. Look at Maggy’s smile! You can see this is what she has been looking for all this time!

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  1. What nice long udders!!!!! pitcher, i mean picture perfect!

  2. Melker123

    I love those fat udders. Maggy should be milked longer and harder. Red Milker on maximum speed.

  3. What a fantastic lady — those udders are the best I’ve seen so far.
    More, more, more of her. Please!

  4. I love this hucow’s huge, hanging udders and thinking about how much milk she will produce when she’s fully trained.

  5. Hello again to MAGGY THE HuCow I’d marry this Milk Cow at the drop of a hat! I’d love to see her more often and on her next milking session can you set her up on the HuCow milking TABLE? To let her FAT HEAVY MILK MAKERS/DANGLERS almost reach the floor! and HOOK her up to the RED COW TEAT MILKER ON HIGH! YUMMY!!

  6. Very nice udders.

  7. Chiefmilker

    What beautiful huge jugs of milk she has. I would love to lay under her milk jugs and wrap my lips around those nipples and drain her milkers dry. I truly love the taste of mothers milk in my mouth.

  8. Chiefmilker

    When can I drink from the fountain of life.

  9. GirlCowBev

    What bra size does this fat-uddered cow actually wear?

  10. Will Parsons

    this animal has potential, but needs the hand of an experienced rancher to fully blossom.

    hand milking will produce more milk and also facilitate the animal’s bonding with the rancher.

    i would breed this animal vigorously as she clearly requires pregnancy to attain full productivity.

    nice heifer!

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