Katie – kneeling frame

Katie – kneeling frame

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We were so happy to be able to move Katie to the barn! She is now at home, where she belongs! Katie is our number 1 HuCow, judging by member response, so we will show her more often, in her routine milking sessions. Katie is completely used to being hooked to the machines now. She does not complain, and she would even do it herself, but we have received the request for more bondage, so we cuffed and gagged her anyway. Just feeling the weight of her udders is very impressive. They are seriously heavy! She will need more sessions! Always more… it will never stop.

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  1. one can see her growth in her udders figuratively and literally. She kneads constant milking. Her nipples are fantastic, just aching for more milking.

  2. No doubt Katie is nr1. Beautiful, sexy and those big breasts ideally designed for a milking session.
    Thank you Katie

  3. huowPetra

    Greetings from huCow Petra

    I think Katie is the most beautiful cow in your barn. This miraculous udder with blue veins to make me jealous. She is so obedient and understood their role in life. It’s time to dress the cow into the tight latex costume. If you want, I will send it now,only for Katie: Is it possible to make a 360 ° video of this wonderful cow?
    Kisses from Petra

  4. I love the idea of it never stopping… ?

  5. Gattonero

    Katie is the best of your barn! A little question…any black hucow in the future?

    • We have Dani, do you like her?

      • I Would love to see more of Dani! Especially with her hair the way it was in her last video. And obviously bound and gagged since I doubt she has come to accept her role as a cow. ;)

  6. woodstock

    shes so cute :3

  7. Please loads more of Katie. Try and increase the bondage if possible. More heavy squeezing and pulling of her huge udders and nipples? Tie them tighter?

  8. I would like to be a hucow please

  9. Where do you find your cows?

  10. müllermilch

    she the only give milk

  11. Objectify

    It would be great to hear her moan/orgasm or maybe facially express some fear or pleasure. I love this gal tho! Cut down her downtime! Never stop!

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