Katie – getting settled in the barn

Katie – getting settled in the barn

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Of course, our most prized HuCow also had to be moved to the new barn! No clothes, straw on the floor, chained to the wall by a sturdy metal chain and collar, Katie will have to settle into her new life now. We won’t have any trouble with this one! In fact, the chain is not even necessary. Katie is so addicted to milking sessions, she even begs for them, craving the pumping feeling on her big udders. It is true that women can transform into HuCows, their mental state changes, it is in their nature to be stimulated by a suckling feeling on their nipples. They go silent, obedient, and want to live as a permanent HuCow, only to be used for milking and breeding. Look at Katie’s face as I hold up the goat milker, she is practically glowing with joy! Soon she will be milked again, those huge udders need regular sessions and we have to keep her hooked to the feeling!

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  1. As usual Katie is fantastic and her big tits are perfect for this “job”. Gus

  2. DarthFugue

    HOLY COW!!!

    Her breasts – UDDERS! – are HUGE!!!


    What have you been giving her?

    Is she FULL [of Milk]?

    Have you been “getting any RETURNS”, when you MILK her?
    (If so, How Much?)

    I mean… WHOA!!!

    Or (should I say), “mmMOOOoooo!”

    ? ? ? ➡️ ? ➡️ ??

  3. robaloo

    She is not all that is glowing…keep her oiled up and hooked up….makes those udders BIGGER!!!

  4. Gr8 site but will u guys up the game & bring in guys and girls to f*ck these hucows? Anissa Kate, Brooklyn blue the list of cows ready for milking goes on. Keep up the gr8 work guys!

  5. The original hucow Elvira Mistress Of The Dark https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MfVl56ZQBWA

    Scene in this 80’s classic the line — “Its milking time bitch.” Lets hope we see cosplay wonder woman supergirl lara croft star trek star wars army girls etc etc milking maids and more milking time on hucows, mooooooooo!

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