Vina – extreme speed

Vina – extreme speed

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We did not hook Vina to the RED cow milker yet! The most powerful machine has been waiting for the young docile HuCow for some time, but today she can no longer avoid it: it is time for the red milking machine! Tiny 19-year old Vina is locked to the milking frame, waiting for whatever is going to happen. It’s hard to read her emotions, but we know she has already become addicted to the sessions and soon she will not need any bondage. For now, we will just focus on the milking, and it will be extreme! Not just the high power of the red cow milker, but we will also turn up the speed to a very high setting. To stop any potential protesting, we gagged our promising HuCow with a big ring gag. Vina is one of our most prized possessions, her udders have grown so much since the start, we will keep training her until she her transformation is complete.

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  1. JoeMaverick

    vina is such a nice docile hucow submissive! I would love to see her with the controlled orgasm stimulation to enhance her transition to an nice milk producing hucow. The ring gag was an awesome addition!

  2. DarthFugue

    “…Not Need ANY Bondage…”


    Women look BETTER – SEXY, even – in BONDAGE (whether, or not, if they NEED it!)

    It is the ULTIMATE Form of Expression… of SUBMISSION!

    Just because they are “Docile”, now, does not guarantee that they will, always, stay that way!

    I would… “Reccommend”… that you, ALWAYS, “keep your ‘Valuables’ SAFE!!!” 8-P

    ? ? ? ? ?

    • fotofrank

      I do agree with you, however….

      Showing some trust in the form of a bit liberation, can work miracles in future harder sessions. ;-)

      • DarthFugue

        “Give Them an Inch, and They Will Walk All over You!”

        “Liberation” can lead to “Revolution”!

        The ONLY “Good” HuCow are ones that have been THOROUGHLY “BROKEN”/”ENSLAVED”!

  3. MilkingLover

    Controlled orgasms really help the udders produce. Strapping a hitachi wand between her thighs would do wonders; she might even beg NOT to come again….

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