Maggy wanted to join the herd

Maggy wanted to join the herd

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Poor Maggy! Her udders are so big, she feels the pressure and tension all day. When she saw this website, she immediately volunteered to be in the Hucows herd. She wants to be milked on a regular basis, so the weight of her enormous udders will be bearable for at least a few hours again. She needs help. We took her in and used heavy chains to help support her udders. Maggy was relieved to be with us, and she started to prepare for her first milking straight away. She used lots of baby oil to get her udders and nipples supple and in good shape for milking. What machine should we use on her? We probably need lots of power and speed for this new hucow!

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  1. BlackCat

    It’s a long time I don’t see goat milker in action…

  2. Ref milky babes; Has any here seen Fergie’s new pop video M.I.L.F.$? There’s a fine bunch of stray heifers, udders gravid with milk, in that that definitely want rounding up, stripping naked and hooking up to high powered milking machines… where they Moo and Low that it’s hurting their nipples or not.

  3. Uddermaster1963

    Maggy the HuCow’s Udders whould make a real Cow envious. What a set of Glorious Mamaries! Especially how her dark Cow Teats point straight down. This will make her Udders point straight down when she gets on all fours. A easy hookup with the Cow miliking machine! You’ll have to use the largest Teat cups you have to suckel in her huge Areolas. Keep up the Great work!
    P.S. I’d love to be Maggies Farmer anytime!

  4. heavyuddersgirl888

    Her uddess are larger than mine and I don’t see that too often! Jealous of these humors and their cowbells. Wish I could be in these stables. But I’d like the farmer to do more than milk me.

  5. 这对奶子可真大!

  6. Would Maggie let men suck her with their mouth?

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