Nyssa Nevers on the milking bed

Nyssa Nevers on the milking bed

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For Nyssa Nevers, the HuCow experience has been very hard so far. She does not like her udders touched, but the farmer squeezes and oils them anyway. We really had to secure her or she would have jumped off the bed, she is a wild one! A huge ballgag was also needed, as Nyssa is still trying to speak (or actually curse and threaten). HuCows don’t speak. But the worst is yet to come: she will be milked with the goat milker, and Nyssa really hates this machine. She trashes and moans on the bed, but the machine is relentless. Will this one ever be tamed? We think Nyssa will be one of the hardest HuCows ever to break. Maybe we should add some stimulation again, like in her first session. Suggestions are welcome.

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  1. my fave – love the milking bed – the best way to show how gravity can expedite the growth of a hucows udders. Nyssa will come around – maybe with some external stimulation on the bed

  2. she need time on the fucking machine even while milking!!Thank you again!!!!!

  3. Perhaps she could use some other cows around her or some punishment, like a good spanking or tickling during her sessions.

  4. I think maybe she needs to be fitted with the funnel/plug gag that Ariel Anderssen was fitted with and give her a steady supply of nutrients during her milkings. Maybe even assign her a mentor like jasmine James was to chessie kay. Maybe even milk her while she is getting pounded from behind with the fucking machine. Just a couple of thoughts.

  5. It would be nice to see the entire milking scene, the cow being led in, attached to the milking frame, milked then led back out. I think they should always be secured and gagged, especially the new ones. Show them from all angles.

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