Shay – the goat milker

Shay – the goat milker

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Our Shay is one of the most sensitive HuCows in the herd. She can not handle a lot of milking. Shay gave birth not long ago so milk still flows a little from her udders. She is always whimpering a little when the cups are applied. The goat milker might be worse for her than the more powerful cow milker, because the cup openings are smaller and Shay’s big nipples tend to get puffy really fast. Shay definitely needs a lot of restraints when she is milked or she would actually pull the cups off! Still, we are very proud to have her in the herd, diversity is very important in our barn!

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  1. nice

  2. Would love to see actual pregnant hucows on the farm someday

  3. Yes, diversity is the most important thing for a healthy herd!

  4. Love the hand on the rump! Nice touch. Wish there were some cunt fingering or fucking too!

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