Natalia Forrest – breeding HuCow

Natalia Forrest – breeding HuCow

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Natalia Forrest has been breeding and the results are clearly visible! She is pregnant! Her udders have grown quite a bit, of course. Breeding is the best way to get the milk flowing and increase udder size. But now Natalia will need a lot of care. She is in the barn, chained to the wall by her locked collar, shy and afraid. She knows she will have to massage her udders to keep them supple and ready for milking. She rubs oil all over herself and massages her sensitive udders. We can’t wait to milk her, but first let her settle down in the barn for now. This is such good news!

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  1. fantastic! This is the ultimate!!! the perfect combination – pregnant, oiled – can’t wait to see her udders hooked up to ANYTHING! Please don’t wait too long

    • thank you for showing Natalia’s progression – love her pregnant body and milk filled udders!!!

  2. This is the perfect time to milk them extensively to stimulate their udders. The milk performance can then be additionally increased with medicines from the pharmacy. The most important is but consistent milking and good feeding of the cow, also lots of water. Would also like to see how the cow calves later in the barn.

  3. Hard milking increases the oxytocin, prolactin in the body. It should also be milked in private, as often as possible. Please make a high performance milk cow out of her.

  4. MilkingLover

    I think I’ll just say what I always do: a restrained cow and a Hitachi Wand to get orgasms out of her would be best. A pregnant cow even better.

  5. slavelabor

    OMG!!! Congratulations

  6. Lactationluver

    Who has impregnated her ?

  7. Hell yeah. Was waiting for a preggo (wish that for Vina too). Also keep milking Natalia after giving birth. Let the titties stay filled with all the milk.

  8. Do we know if its going to be and cow or a bull, hope to see milk flowing very soon.

  9. Wow, I remember she wears chastity belt very often, how come she still got pregnant?!

  10. Lovely to see how her udders and teats have filled out. Can’t wait to see her milking. I hope you are going to show us her being milked close to the time she is due to calf so we can see how her udders have filled and then when she has calved she could be impregnated again so you could put her on the fucking machine while she is being milked.

  11. Would love to see how much her udders will fill up the cups of the electronic breast training machine compared to the previous time. That previous time her udders were hardly expanding. Perhaps because of the milk development this time the difference could be motivating for the rest of the barn.

  12. Looks like Farmer Brown violated your TOS and touched her below the waist…

  13. Dominant Man

    Love Natalia Forrest even more now that she is lactating & having her big, dark, juicy teats pumped! Would love to see her bound & gagged wearing a nursing bra (with inner frames) as she is pumped & teat clamped!

  14. I want this for me naked and kept milking and pregnant my dream

    • Sounds like you should take a trip to this farm in the netherlands!

  15. Lisa Bajada

    So wish there was a place in aust to do this preggers and milk all the time …. just keep dreaming i guess

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