Izzy – curiosity

Izzy – curiosity

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Young Izzy was intrigued by the barn and the red cow milker that was still set up from a previous milking session. She was so cute in her nice heels and her glasses. Touching the cow milker, something stirred inside her, she was curious but scared at the same time. She decided this should remain a fantasy, but just as she was about to leave, we caught her, stripped her, and locked her to the milking frame by her neck. This was all a big shock to Izzy, as she doesn’t like to be restrained, but in a way she was still curious what it would feel like to be milked by a powerful machine. Well, she found out… the red cow milker has a very strong vacuum, maybe too strong for first sessions, but it’s her own fault for being so damn curious!

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  1. perfect udders… would love to see them stretched to their max productivity. more restraints with arms extended too.

  2. If she doesn’t like to be restrained that means she needs more restraints until she learns better.

  3. DarthFugue

    Actually, “arms-behind-the-back” would be “More Preferable”, that way, they ‘get the message’: “It’s Going to Happen – Just Accept It!”

  4. welcome to Izzy, she will great hucow.I hope to see her with other machines(milking bed,fucking machine ….)

  5. I hope Izzy can be persuaded to return for a few more milking sessions, her perfect little udders look so tasty. Mmm.

  6. This cows, like a few others, are a little soft enough in the middle that their grain portion needs to be reduced. This coupled with increased breeding activity should yield a more healthy bovine as well as increased milk production.

  7. Milkyaboobs

    A lot of work still needs to be done with her, she’s far from producing the milk we want, but she’s hooked on it now

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