Angelica – exhausting session

Angelica – exhausting session

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German cow Angelica has been doing a lot of private milking sessions with you (the fans) lately. It was so lovely to meet all of you at the barn, where you took the opportunity to learn how to use all of the machines on Angelica. She is a very tough girl and can take long sessions of nipple vacuum pumping, but sometimes she is still smiling, like she is mocking us. I decided to make this session a bit more exhausting, to wipe her smile off her face. Some powerful milking time on all fours, on the red cow milker, stimulated by a magic wand. Angelica was soon panting and moaning, sucked by the power milker and vibrated from behind. She was sweating and getting very excited!

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  1. Wonderful! This is how all cows should be milked!

  2. MilkingLover

    So happy to see the wand make a happy house-cow even happier. Looking forward to the results!

  3. MilkingLover

    Especially rewarding to see the cow’s face when the vibrator starts to take over…THAT’s where it gets good. Forcing orgasms out of house cows like these makes for the best milk.

  4. That tattoo on her lower back kills my boner

  5. Milkyaboobs

    This hucow is defo my favorite, she has it all, gorgeous utters and long blond mane on her head. She seems so fresh and healthy all around and I would be drinking her milk all day long!

  6. Longing to lactate

    Wish I could produce milk .

  7. WoW shes gorgeous her long blond mane her beautiful body and of course her lovely udders. I’d love to be a bull and impregnate her continuously.

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