Vina pumped

Vina pumped

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Young Vina is very popular! Some members have asked for her to be double breast pumped again, so here we go: Vina is handcuffed to the barn wall, unable to stop the automatic dual breast pump from sucking at her sensitive nipples. To try and stimulate her hormone level a little, we add a magic wand vibrator to her standing predicament, pushing it right up to her clit before locking it into place. Now Vina is vibrated and pumped, which is the proper treatment you asked for. Vina is one of your favorite HuCows, she deserves to get even more member requests, so send them in!

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  1. Glad to see requests being taken. Thank you!

  2. The breast pumps are too easy. Getting her on a goat or cow milker.Have the farmer breed her while she is on all fours.

  3. Gorgeous little Vani, [though not so little any more :)] being milked and stimulated by a fairy in the dairy at the same time is a beautiful sight.

  4. She put on quite some weight, too. Fine with me, as long as her tits keep growing!

  5. I too, think that she’s looking even better with the added weight. I’m fully in favor of her gaining much more.

  6. love247

    any new updates on vina

  7. I love how plump she’s gotten all around. She still has that innocent face with all that added flesh and udder.

  8. Any chance to see bo-vina again?

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