Natalia – first milk

Natalia – first milk

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Natalia is pregnant, so her milk production should start without any problems now. With swollen udders, she is told to pump herself for the first time with the double breast pump. Natalia is horrified by the stuff that comes out of her, but first milk is never the best (or much). She just needs to keep doing this regularly to get her production up. We still have a few months before she gives birth, so we will get a few gallons out of this one! Regular sessions and a lot of patience are required, because Natalia is easily upset. She’s precious now, so we will treat her well.

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  1. thank you so much for Natalia. There is nothing more beautiful to me than a pregnant woman – I can not think of any more impressive than Natalie showing off her body, hooked up to breast pumps and milking!!! THANK YOU ! THANK YOU ! THANK YOU !

  2. When she start producing more milk you should put her on the awesome goat milker!

  3. Lactationluv

    Your updates are very interesting now

  4. Thank you. Lovely to see some milk from Natalia, great things come from small beginnings. Now she has started you will have to treat her well, lots of food and water, so she can continue milking up to and after she has calved. Hopefully it want be long before we she her being milked again!!!!!!!!!!!!

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