Mandy – the right treatment

Mandy – the right treatment

Our slim stripper girl Mandy needs more training. She complains a lot, maybe because her nipples are very soft, so they get sucked into the cups very far. Last time, the red cow milker stopped her complaining, because her sensitive breasts could barely carry the weight of the cups. Today, it is time to help her a little bit by stimulating her from behind, so she is distracted from the relentless suction of the red cow milker. A fucking machine is installed behind her, and both machines are going at the same time. Sucked from the front, fucked from behind. Mandy turns out to be very sensitive to stimulation by penetration too! Her brain is almost blown, it’s like her body doesn’t know where to focus anymore. Her arms and legs tremble and Mandy moans loudly. This double stimulation is one of the hardest, most exhausting things she has ever done!

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  1. Mandy is one of the hottest models. Although I’m very glad to see her back, but I’m quite surprised she returned after her last bout with the red cow-milker.

  2. gynecologist

    Oh yes, that cow definately needs more treatment! I would suggest to tie her to the milking bed. I would love to see some vaginal inpection on her, she seems to have fantastic labia!

  3. Oh, My God!!!

    I haven’t been ABLE to access your website, SINCE 1/20/2017!!!

    I was about to try sending you a Message (through DeviantArt), to find out what was going on…

    Good to see that SOME things haven’t “changed”!

    • But you have access now? What happened?
      You can always email me for support at [email protected]

      • DarthFugue

        Aside from my country, in a “Civil War” (with our new president, and his “administration”), I’m really not sure!

        Sorry, for the “late reply”!
        (My Mother died, 5 Months ago, and – aside from the “technical difficulties”, that I had, while logging-on to your website – I’ve been trying to play “keep up, with the bills”, and haven’t had any REAL time, to “sit down… and log-in!”)

        I saw the post, about “Farming/Milking the HuCows”, and I must say “If there was ANY way, that I could come to you guys, and give my hand, at ‘Farming’, I would TAKE IT… And, if I had been born, with UDDERS, I would SELL EVERY LAST POSSESION, just to JOIN YOUR FARM!”
        (I would not be “surprised”, either, if there were a few other guys, out there, who “feel the SAME WAY, about it, as I do”!)

        [I *AM* “100% CERTIFIED” STRAIGHT MALE – who just feels like he SHOULD HAVE been born “Female”, when he was MUCH YOUNGER!]?

        Sadly, though, I have “responsibilities” – that CANNOT be “Abandoned”!

        On a “strange-in-a-good-way” note, my Mother’s GRANDFATHER used to have his own DAIRY… in WISCONSIN!
        (I know “very little”, about him!)

        Maybe, that’s where my “fascination”, with “Milking HuCows”, stems from!??

  4. The admin has a DA account? Heh.

  5. aslem souayed

    What is your da account

  6. gorranger

    Stimulating your Hucow herd in such a manner may increase their milk production. I’m not sure it will be flowing from their udders, but I’m sure it will be very tasty.

  7. mandy is a great candidate for being horsefucked while being milked. that would be beautiful and fulfilling for her as well. shes got the perfect body for it

  8. So beautiful to see a farm. I’m interested in becoming a hucow for a Master.

  9. Am a guy that wants to be a hucow with 4 big breasts and cow tail, ears and pussy.

  10. That look she gave, right at the end … !!!

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