Training Lizanne

Training Lizanne

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Lizanne is back! After her encounter with the goat milker, we thought she would never be back, it was very painful and she was treated very roughly. But it turns out Lizanne has a Master who really loves to see her get trained as a HuCow! So he agreed to send her over more often to get the training she needs. This time, he wanted it even more rough than last time. So we had to hook Lizanne up to the most powerful machine: the red cow milker. Also, we prepared her nipples to be more puffy and stretched by making her wear nipple suckers for about 45 minutes before her session. This made her super sensitive, and the cow milker did its thing. After the session, Lizanne’s nipples were so big and sensitive, she could hardly stand anyone touching them. Which we did of course.

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  1. Oh yes…the RED COW MILKER. Make those teats into the udders that they should be!!!

  2. Lizanne is a world-class cutie!
    I almost feel sorry for her being treated so harshly. ALMOST!
    I’d love to see her here again.
    It was a really nice touch to make her wear nipple suckers beforehand. Try that more often.

    • Yes, nipple suckers are great. All the hucows should wear them to get them primed for pumping. I don’t think she is being treated too harshly… being treated just as a hucow should be treated…even better. She need to be prodded also…

  3. What a caring master she has! Hope he will subject her to more milking in the future!

  4. maybe next time we also can have a look between the cows legs?

  5. Thanks lizanne is a beautiful

  6. Oh Yeah!

  7. Please get Lizanne back, she is the best! Very cute and expressive face, and her tits are clearly very sensitive! Does she have a website?

  8. I hope you can get lizanne back she has such cute tits and her nipples must be very sensitive. She is so good to watch

  9. More videos lizanne, her is beautiful and good body

  10. More Lizanne, her a precius girl, a super perfec body. Yes a great beautiful gir and body.

  11. Lizanne got very strict master who knows how to treat her. Every girl need a master like her’s.

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