Breaking Mistress Amy

Breaking Mistress Amy

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Remember Mistress Amy? She was caught and trapped in our barn, just because she has the juiciest Asian udders ever. We don’t care she is a mistress, or whatever she calls herself. Amy will just be treated like all the other hucows. Of course, she will be a bit harder to break, but a nice session on the milking bed may go a long way. Let’s see how she copes with the goat milker hanging off her nipples. Cuffed to the bed, Amy soon loses her energy, she can only moan, but there is nothing she can do to stop the relentless high power suction of the goat milker cups. Her udders have been oiled beforehand, so her nipples are sucked into the cups very far. Will Amy be converted into a nice docile hucow? She doesn’t seem so dominant anymore now!!

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  1. So nice to see Amy’s udders hanging helplessly through the milking bed, hooked up to the goat milker. Milk those luscious teats! Nothing better than oiled udders to help break this hucow!

  2. excellent video. The handmilking could have been harder, and it would turm me on more, if it is done by hands in examination-gloves…

  3. DarthFugue

    FARMER: “What’s that, again, Amy?”

    HuCow AMY: “Mmmoooooooooooo!!!!!!”

    FARMER: “Attagirl!” ?

  4. This setting should merge with hu073. What I mean is using this milking bed with the electronic breast device or any whole breast cup in an upside down position.

  5. Please also bring a model already breastfeeding to milking machine. I want real milk flowing.

  6. mlkmywfpls69

    Breaking Bitch. Nice job. But I don’t understand why you’re cows aren’t always numbered, branded, and have their ankles restrained at all times on a bed or not?

    • DarthFugue


      You DO know the “Difference, between FANTASY & REALITY” – RIIIGHT??? ?

      • more does he have any clue how real cows are identified anymore.

        but a simple number written in black markers would be nice occasionally.

  7. nothing like seeing a broken mistress put in its place – turned into a helpless docile hucow – would love to see her now – moaning with pleasure, milk flowing

  8. What’s her professional porn name I want to watch other vids of her?

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