Mistress Amy captured

Mistress Amy captured

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We spotted this very dominant Asian mistress immediately when she was advertising for male slaves. She has huge boobs for an Asian lady! We responded to her ad, and let her wait for a while in our studio, while we prepared the barn for her arrival. When we captured and subdued her, we could finally get a good look at those incredible juicy udders. They really need a few milking sessions! Of course, as a dominant, Amy was not happy at all about her predicament! This is no way to treat a mistress!! She was in pain from the harsh relentless red cow milker, and she knew this would not be the last session either. She is promising, there was even a tiny droplet of milk already!

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  1. She has everything to be a perfect hucow…. nice big udders just waiting to be milked and even though a Mistress, she needs to be broken

  2. Can’t wait to see more of her!

  3. @admin: I would to like to see the women being undressed and chained up in the videos. Now, that part is often missing.

  4. Got milk? Yep she has Moooooooooooooo! Finally some diversity with the cows, get French Arab Anissa Kate next. African American Skin Diamond, or u.k girl Brooklyn Blue. Whatever color, all your cows are great! Hey get a orange cow next tanned up girl LOL.

    • Anissa Kate so beautiful n that body,them big soft natural udders?? Perfect for milking I think! Dammm! >;)

  5. How about a video with four (4) unsuspecting young hucows along the lines of the movie “Spring Breakers” who are bailed out of jail by Farmer Brown and then milked at the farm in exchange for the bail money, yada, yada, yada…

    • Fuckin awesome idea man!! Yes, do this n introduce of some new hucows maybe? Young with big udders…. >;). Y

  6. Katie is the hottest hucow I ever seen! The day u show this cow giving much milk to the machine is the day u must switch it to milk by hand!! Massage n hand milkin will make a true cow of her as she is born to be!! A fucking machine against her will is also good. Brake her in totaly!! >;)

  7. i want to see them branded with penis of unsuspecting farmer. i would like to see the girls clap titties together in fear (or enjoyment) as the milking machine is turned on and warmed up.

  8. I want more photos.

  9. Please more Amy! Those milk bags need to be emptied over and over and over again!

  10. william alexander

    this cow is awesome

  11. chrisatopheryarnell

    amy you would make an pretty big boob mermaid I would like to see you with an mermaids tail on you

  12. HucowFarmer31

    lots of moos coming out from this hucow such nice big udders that are perfect for milking. What a great find would love to see more updates

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