Darina – drooly cow

Darina – drooly cow

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It is not easy milking Darina, our young promising HuCow. She is restless, even fighting, so she has to be locked to the milking frame by her collar, handcuffed, and even gagged, in order to milk her. A big red ring gag is strapped tightly onto her pretty face, keeping her mouth wide open and making her drool uncontrollably. She drools so much, it’s just an endless stream! Let’s hope she will have any fluids left to give to the goat milker, because it’s time for her to experience this vicious machine. Her perfect young udders are painfully milked by the powerful goat milker, making her nipples hurt and Darina almost cries from exhaustion. Are we being too hard on her? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. “Are you too hard, on her???”



    She NEEDS to learn to ACCEPT her NEW ROLE, in Life!!! (That’s the “problem”, with MILLENIALS!!!)

    “BREAK HER!!!”


  2. I wish a guy would teach me to be just a fuk doll and a breeding cow

  3. I’m sure many guys would do that to you if you asked them

    • This z SO much a truth!! But not all can do this rite. U just need of a rite master for u &must be carfeful how u choose him. He will take it from there when u tell him of what u dream & seek , & it is he who will be strong & make it all happen & take care of u,even if u think u change ur mind, he must be the strong 1 & make sure u are trained good n long n harrrd till only the cow is left & then ur milked n bred rite always after. Good luck.if u wish it truely,u will find him. >;)

  4. I think that you are too soft on Darina, I think she needs longer sessions with shorter duration in between. I would love to see more frequent updates of her being milked, maybe a scene with her and Vina milked side by side on the goat milker on high speed and see who taps out first.

    • Yes!! Loser is left hooked up n given the fucking machine also 2 keep her busy,left bein milked n fucked hard as the lites are switched out & she is left alone under 1 lite like this,arms chained over her head as she moos long & loud….. heh! >;)

  5. If Darina is fighting the Farmer, she should be put on her place with some serious spanking. It is not proper that the sub is defiant and naughty. Any girls need behaviour-correction if they are resisting their faith. Her cute butt will look even better with marks and bruices. Some pictures of the aftercare is also not wrong. A riding-whip is a effective tool in correction of the victim´s butt. A bamboo-cane and a Scottish Tawse is also useful implements usable for a female backside. I bet she will be better behaved after a severe, deserved punishment and think twice about beeing disobedient towards her farmer.

  6. I love the whimpering sounds coming out of the ring-gag. She is soooo cute, and she probably know it herself. It´s good to see such girls meeting huge challenges, I bet she has sailed through life on a rosy cloud, utilizing her immense beauty to exploit men. Now the table is turned and I hope The Farmer will teach her earlier errors and not be lenient in her discipline. A hot, red and bruised backside of Darina is a huge turn-on and could be accomplished by Scottish Tawse, cane, riding-crop and several other implements. After a vacuum-session are there several options of nipple-clamps to use on her nips. The shops Sharp Pointy Things and Terrible Toyshop offers a variety of nice tools to use on a girl´s teats. You should check them out.

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