Bori on the milking bed

Bori on the milking bed

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Bori is a bit more docile now, so she can go on the milking bed for a nice well-deserved rest. She was so exhausted from all the milking sessions, she was happy to lie down. I handcuffed her to the bed, just in case, but it wasn’t even necessary. Still, we don’t want our cows to be able to remove the cups during milking! Bori’s nice udders were hanging free and unobstructed in the milking bed’s opening. It was time for some oil and the goat milker at high power, to get her nipples sucked into the cups as far as possible. Bori will soon be available for our Want To Be A Farmer program, which means you can come to our stables and try milking one of our HuCows yourself, to celebrate this 100th update! Stay tuned for more details!

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  1. Please use this with Katie! I would love to see Katie’s udders hanging down through the bed like that

  2. thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I look forward to see katy’s movie

  4. MilkingLover

    And Maggy.

    Also, I’ll say it every week: hot as this is, 1000x hotter if there’s a Hitachi Wand for her to come on.

  5. love this update! bori is great, can not wait to see katie like this, that would be too good to be true

  6. JoeMaverick

    AWESOME!! But still no clit friction to stimulate more milk production! This position would be awesome for this to happen!! But keep up the good work!

  7. It would be better if her ankles or waist was secured instead of just her wrists.

  8. I’m interested in being a hucow

  9. It would be nice the person who remove and put suction cups will be a woman.

    And play a Little bit with nipples after & before remove suction cups, suck them.

    For example before put suction cups, clean nipples with alcohol giving and small massage.

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