Katie – another day, another session

Katie – another day, another session

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A new update with everyone’s favorite HuCow Katie! Her huge juicy udders need regular milking sessions, to relieve some of the pressure and to reduce the strain on her body (especially her back!). But milking sessions are getting harder and harder for Katie, as she has grown more sensitive somehow. The powerful red cow milker is probably not the best machine to use on her at this time, but we go for it anyway, in the hope to get some results. We will need to oil and massage her a lot more often, with her udders this sensitive, but we are getting some results again! Tiny drops appeared from her nipples! Katie is getting there!

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  1. It may be time for the milking bed to reduce the strain and let those udder hang naturally….also bound, cuffed and gagged.

  2. DarthFugue


    Here’s a thought: the more sensitive they become, the higher the probability of lactation – think about it!

  3. MilkingLover

    Again, where is the vibrator, or fucking machine? An orgasmic cow is a productive cow.

  4. I second robaloo’s sentiment.

  5. I miss Lizanne. I hope we’ll see her again someday.

  6. Beautiful Katie Thornton!Congratulations
    I wish to see more movies with fuck machines and cow milker (RED).thank you

  7. Yes put her on the milking bed! Love this update too, every one with katie is amazing. I like how she’s struggling towards the end, she almost couldn’t take any more you should of turned it up! :)

  8. It would be sooo cool to see the hucows being milked by a gagged female farm hand in a working gown, head scarf, rubber apron, rubber gloves and rubber boots … – and the man on the cam would have his hands free

    Could you deploy a female stable-slave???

  9. Katie really is an amazing cow. I love her obedience and her big brown eyes. Some suggestions here:

    * I’m a fan of willing obedience, but less so of the gagging/chaining/bondage videos. Would be cool to see Katie washed, groomed or oiled – maybe by a farmer girl like Anselmo said – willingly and without frame.

    * An all-massage video: deep tissue squeezing, not just the quick fondling or rubbing of the udders; possibly with gloves on and why not put her in a full-body suit with her udders hanging out?

    * Those few drops of milk are hot. I would like to see some substantial lactation, but that requires a lot longer sessions and off-screen pumping.

    * How about using the farm theme more? A water trough to drink from, a Dutch windmill, pair of clumps…

    * Stating the obvious: a penetration device video. Controlled orgasms are extremely hot, but not likely with Katie. If you’ll get her to do it, I’ll get a lifetime subscription to this site (!)

    PS: love the cow bell!

  10. It’s all a bit tame. This is a girl that’s used to shooting BDSM and getting her tits tortured. Rough her up a bit more please.

  11. Please, don’t waste time om the goat milker. Katie needs the strongest mashine all the time, and lots of it. When her milk really can start to flow. She can take it, be tough on her!

    • Don’t be mistaken, the goat milker is very strong and vicious! Most people will not even be able to take this power, I invite everyone to come try this machine and the other devices in my studio!

      • Okej, but isn’t the red monster the best way to get the milk flowing?

        If Katie really want’s to start producing, can’t you give her some pills that might speed things up?

  12. müllermilch

    i hope in few time she give a lot of milk and become biggere nipples

  13. I wish I could have a session with Katie. Love those beautiful big tits hanging down, waiting to be sucked on.

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