Katz – still not broken

Katz – still not broken

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The horror of being milked over and over again is still not something Katz can deal with. She needs proper training, and she has to be restrained all the time or she will just break free. Not docile at all (yet)! Katz starts with some harsh nipple clamps with little bells attached to them. She tries to shake them off but that does not work of course. Then a big spreader gag is added to make her drool uncontrollably. And then it is her turn on the red cow milker. Two cups are blocked, diverting all vacuum pulsing power to the remaining two cups, making this machine super powerful. You can see the farmer reattach one of the cups in the video, see how much effort it takes to pull the cup off and how it sucks her nipple right back in at high speed! Not easy, being a HuCow at this farm. Not easy. But we will break Katz too, eventually.

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  1. Hucow Lover

    Katz had become very docile in her last video and had excepted her life as a hucow. How come she’s gone backwards and is no longer docile(?); supposedly never was docile, “Not docile at all (yet)!”.

  2. Great progress with Katz, really cool to see the machine at a higher power with the other cups sealed off! Should do that to more models. Is it Saturday yet? Lol

  3. ioannis kontopoulos

    maybe you should introduce a cattle prod into the training.

  4. I’m interested in being a hucows

  5. Katz is beginning to learn that hucows are going to be milked like it or not.
    Udder milking is a way of life and she is trying to accept that. While a spirited hucow is a fun thing, she will also need her mooing voice later. So better gagging is going to need to be put in place in order to save that.
    Once the milk starts to flow, like any other hucow she will become happy to have her regular milking to keep the pressure down.
    Happy hucow days

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