Izzy – milked by Sam

Izzy – milked by Sam

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Sam is one of our best trained HuCows. She never appeared on camera before, but she has developed into a stunning specimen, with big natural udders and a full understanding of the HuCow life. She is simply spectacular. Sam has become known at the barn as a ‘mother to all young hucows’. Because she knows what they have to go through and how much training and sessions it will take for them to fully develop. Young Izzy isn’t experienced at all, and she didn’t want to continue her training after her first session, but Sam convinced (commanded) her to keep training. It’s the red cow milker today again for Izzy, and Sam will do the honours. Don’t miss it!

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  1. would love to see them both hooked up – perhaps back to back with a double dildo for additional stimulation.
    lets see those udders stretched to their maximum capability to get maximum production

  2. Hucow Lover

    We need to see a lot more of Sam (why has she never appeared on camera before now?); in the barn and on the milking bed. She has amazing udders!

  3. DarthFugue

    I AGREE!!!

    ESPECIALLY since those machines come with “4 CUPS!!!”

    Let’s see a CONTEST, of “HuCows Have Talent”?(?)

  4. I will love to see sam and vina on the red cow milker

  5. Hucow Herder/Abuser

    Sam needs to be put on the milking bed overnight. Those udders are begging for a non stop milking session! >:3

  6. gynecologist

    oh yes, non-stop please!

  7. gynecologist

    mmmh yes longtime please

  8. I will love to see preeti and priya young on this website with there big boobs

  9. There is a small drop of milk in her left nipple after the session

  10. Hucow Herder/Abuser

    A non-stop, day or night long milking session streamed live… now that would be hot!

  11. hucow_lover

    I think this is the absolute best scenario. One woman handling an unfortunate hucow. Gag, restraint and milking. Sam was great. Impersonal and just doing her job. Would love to see Samantha be the hucow under Sam’s control. Thank you

  12. BurnabyBear

    I agree with hucow_lover. I’d love to see more scenarios where a hucow is being handled. Sam was perfect as the impersonal handler, and patting Izzy’s head. I would love to see her handling Katie or Katarina. Can we also see a collar being placed on a hucow?

  13. This is my favourite shoot.

    I love the interaction between the two. The handling, the nudity, the handcuffs, the humiliation, the way Izzy looks at her farmer: just top notch!

    Please have more updates like this one!

  14. Wow Sam (short for Samantha?) is a stunning specimen isn’t she. What fantastic well developed udders. Plus a great ass and thighs. Please, please, pretty please can we have one of Sam being milked herself soon? Maybe you could allow Izzy to get her revenge by being the one to flip the switch on the milker.

  15. We have only seen Sam helping Izzy. Please show her again, suggest trying her on the New Milking Stand.

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