Natalia Forrest – home production

Natalia Forrest – home production

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Natalia is almost due! She has been sent home, where she can prepare for things to come. We have ordered her to milk herself for at least half an hour FOUR times a day. She has been given a new, more powerful double breast pump and a milking bra, so she can have her hands free and still do her chores. Natalia literally walks around the house being milked all day, to get her production up. It is only small amounts of milk that come out, but there will be a moment when the production will kick in, and she will be producing a lot of milk! We are just training her and waiting for the big moment! Natalia is not too happy about it, her poor nipples are now about 4 times their original size, and they are sucked into the pump very far. It’s not an easy time for her, but it will be worth it!

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  1. Omg, loved the sight of those massive nipples being sucked into the pump. All the discomfort now will be worth it in the end when her milk starts flowing freely!!!!

  2. I will love to see preeti and priya young on this website

  3. DarthFugue

    It’s “too bad” that she couldn’t take the RED COW MILKER home, with her…

    With THAT thing (now that she’s pregnant), she would produce BUCKETS, full of Milk!??

  4. DarthFugue


  5. FANTASTIC!!!! Would love to see more pregnant hucows milking…PLEASE???????

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