Katz in the new barn!

Katz in the new barn!

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We keep expanding our herd so rapidly, we had to get a separate barn to house and milk some of our HuCows! It is really nice and cozy, with straw and many attachment points for chains and cuffs. Katz is the first one to be milked in this new barn, she is chained to the wall by her collar, but she does not need any other bondage today. She is very docile, and knows what needs to be done. She voluntarily massages her udders with oil to make them supple and shiny. Katz then switches on the goat milker (which is still on full power) and puts the cups on her nipples. She is such a good girl! She felt right at home in the new cozy barn!

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  1. She’s such a good girl. Just think, last time we saw her she had to be chained to a treadmill! Now look at her! Great job guys!

  2. I am in love with Katz, so pretty, can I marry her lol

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