Ariel Anderssen – milked after clamps

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Our tallest HuCow Ariel Anderssen still needs a lot of work! She hasn’t been trained very well yet, and she still protests a lot during milking sessions. We have fitted her with a nose ring, but instead of making her more docile, it made her a bit more feisty. So we will have to go more extreme on her. We don’t recommend doing this to your home HuCow, but we are going to milk her RIGHT AFTER taking off her nipple clamps. We use the toughest nipple clamps to stretch her nipples, even pulling on the chain to extend her nipples as far as we can. After a while, when we remove the clamps, her nipples are quite a bit longer and very sensitive. Then it’s straight onto the red cow milker at high power! Not a pleasant experience, but Ariel really needed the training! We had to gag her for this session, because she still speaks occasionally and we don’t want our HuCows to protest. Enjoy this training session, download the video by clicking on the link below!

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  1. Kelly

    I’m not sure the gag should ever come off of her. She complains A LOT. Perhaps some orgasms will do well to keep her from bitching so much

  2. robaloo

    It will be a pleasure to watch Ariel literally cum into her own as a hucow…watching her nipples get larger and sensitive just by their touch..and of course her udders have far to go…

  3. john

    Thank God for the ball-gag! Finally… Ariel shuts up! Well sort of… at least as far as any intelligible words are concerned. Drooling is NOT very lady like behaviour missy… smacked legs. Her boobs aren’t getting any bigger… but her nipples are certainly looking longer these days… Not to mention a lot sorer!

  4. Nimbo

    Nose ring, love it! maybe all Hucows should have them fitted, would love to see Katie wearing one!

  5. Nimbo

    Well she made a fuss, and it was for her benifit too,[ well ok our’s!] maybe as a punishment you should have clipped that big bell on her nose ring

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