Darina – fucked and sucked

Darina – fucked and sucked

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Members have suggested that sexual stimulation may increase the chance of getting some milk out of our Hucows! And if there is a machine for it, we definitely love it! We like machines, as they do all the work for us! But Darina… she is so young! Will she be able to produce milk soon or will she need endless sessions of milking and stimulation? Older Hucows are easier to milk. Cute Darina is locked to a frame on all fours when we turn on the fucking machine behind her. The dildo goes in very deep and slow. Then the goat milker is added. Its vicious bite and relentless suction is not easy to deal with. Darina is stimulated from behind and her udders are sucked simultaneously. Then, we turn up the speed of the goat milker AND the speed of the fucking machine!! Darina will have to deal with it, there is no chance of getting away! Poor girl!

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  1. She is my FAV right now! Keep it up Darina! <3

  2. Sexual stimulation and and goat Milker for Katie next time

  3. Oh, moo! I know I”m a guy but I would love to be locked in the frame and milked for my male hucow milk!

  4. Belle Cartier

    Yes! This is my dream come true. Except I’ll take a farmer instead of a machine. Amazing work.

  5. I wish that was me

  6. I’m a woman who wants to be a farmer and milk a hucow this way. Do you guys welcome me?

    • Of course, everyone can come over and have a private farmer session with one of our HuCows!

  7. Very nice – i’m not into milking but the fucking machine made this very interesting to me.

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