Ariel Anderssen – nipple stretching

Ariel Anderssen – nipple stretching

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Ariel Anderssen is back for more training! Her nipples need to be a little longer for maximum effect in the red cow milker, so we let her sit in the barn for a while with extreme nipple stretching clamps. These clamps can be adjusted to stretch the nipples even more, and they are very harsh Japanese clover clamps. We tell Ariel to give the clamps a few more turns, stretching her poor nipples to the max. Then it is on the milking bench, hands cuffed behind her, to get a nice long session on the red cow milker with her stretched out nipples. A nose hook prevents her from letting her head hang down. Ariel thinks this is all a bit too much. But it’s not. It is really necessary to get good results later on!

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  1. Nice update, but i would like to see nelly too and if you can make her producing by the same way. Like this chick so much :)

    • robaloo

      Yes. I would love to see an update of Nelly’s udders, to see how they have grown. And if she is ready to take her place among the hucows

  2. robaloo

    Stretch those nips long and hard to make up for the petite udders. The nose hook was a great idea, how about an anal hook to arch the back then onto the milking bench.

    • Patrick Shanley

      Anyone know where to obtain these awesome extreme nipple stretching clamps ?

  3. MilkingLover

    This is yet another perfect example of when some controlled orgasms would make a cow actually look forward to her training treatments.

  4. I would like to see more of this hucow i will like to see her on the breast tranning

  5. What a lucky lucky girl!

  6. Oh I say she’s awfully posh isn’t she? One good thing about the British… they’re ever so polite… even when they’re being tittie tortured. She’s a bit too heavy on the verbals though, I mean… does she ever shut up? “Why would you do that to me? that just mean!” rather the point Ariel my dear. She is such a big cry baby. Oh and by the way… that nose hook makes you look more like a little piggy than a cow. That right Ariel a little piggy. “Now can I go home?” fat chance love.

  7. Someone should have a quite word with Ariel and explain that, in some parts of the world, cow’s tongue is regarded as a delicacy. That should quieten her down a bit.

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