Jade Samantha – breast pumps

Jade Samantha – breast pumps

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A nursing bra looks great on Jade Samantha, her puffy big nipples poking through the milking openings. She is a bit more docile now (she was a wild one), but she still doesn’t really like being pumped. Cuffed and collared to the wall, Jade will have to accept her fate. She is a HuCow now, and she will be pumped a lot. We want to get some results! Of course, she will also need other treatments like sexual stimulation and electronic breast training, but regular milking sessions will also help to get her hormones going. Jade’s nipples are pumped nicely in this session! Don’t mind her looks of agony, she is really just trying to convince us to stop the pumping. Of course we won’t. We have to keep milking these girls!

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  1. That’s my favorite device. I’d like to see it on Katarina. It would be cool to see 2 women using that same double pump together in one video. Where both have a boob with a pump on it and one with out. :)

  2. Why do you only have the Download Pictures option for boring updates like this one, where we don’t see anything?

    • The other machines are so extreme we can only do a video most of the time. It would be too much to shoot pictures too during most milking sessions.

  3. forget those breast pump, use only the goat milker and bring some lactating girl!

  4. I love the video and use the red cow milker with 2 hucows next for jade use the electronic breast training machine

  5. you should lose the bra and let the udders out and free

  6. I wish they milked men here I would love to be hooked up to that device and they could even get a cock milker and milk my cock aswell as I have b cup breasts

  7. Anon-Bull

    Any idea when/where we’ll see more details about this new site?

  8. Would love to see Jessy Joy on this one

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