Exercising Katarina

Exercising Katarina

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With Katarina rapidly becoming one of our most requested top HuCows, we need to keep her in shape and fit for milking! It’s time for the treadmill, and Katarina was not too sure about this session. Being milked by the goat milker is very exhausting for Katarina, her nipples get puffy very fast and they get bigger and bigger, getting stuck in the small cup openings. We kept turning up the treadmill speed, until Katarina was in a flat out run, her collar bell jingling on every step. You have to see this video, don’t miss it, Katarina is milked very hard while running at the fastest pace a HuCow has ever achieved on the treadmill! Great exercise!

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  1. OH Katarina….love the shape of her udders!!!!! so nice to see Katarina in action, watching the udders being pumped with each step…giving her a nice workout, then why don’t you take her back to the bed to rest while the pumping continues. Love the collar bell too

  2. Wow!!! one of the best videos yet,awesome to see Katarina back.

  3. i love this video her nipples are getting bigger hopeful will be some milk coming out of her soon keep up the good work

  4. Nip Trainer

    Bravo! No need to easy. They need to appreciate this is not fun and games.

  5. DarthFugue

    So… THAT is how you make a “Milkshake”!

    With milk THIS Fast, it’ll be “Pasturized”, before you can even see it! ?

  6. Yes! My favorite is back, we need more of her! I’m not a fan of the treadmill.. but I love any scene with katarina in it, please have her back again soon

  7. scott halford

    would love to see katarina or katie put on a sybian then attached to the red cow milker would be amazing also should put penny lee jade samantha and buttercup on the red cow milker with a vibe attached to them

  8. Whats the max speed she endured on the thread
    Mill ?

  9. She looks so much like Vina. I hope they do a video together someday.

  10. Whose udders would win in a fight? Vina or Katarina?

  11. When will Katarina get on the Red Cow Milkers? Those nipples and jugs look like their dying to get pumped by those Red suckers.

  12. I wish i had hucow like her i would love suck those nipple whole day.. and if i had katie and katarina both its heaven..

  13. Nip Trainer

    Poor Katarina… you have that look of “why did you do this to me” after your workout…looks like the weight of the pumps pulling down and sucking on your nipples while you jog did a number on you. Oh well….

  14. Lets have more heavy chested cows on this treadmill. Though next time. Maybe use longer restraints on the wrists. I want to see those utters bounce more while running ^_^

  15. Katarina is very bendy isn’t she? Perhaps next exercise session you could try motivating her to run faster by the judicious use of a rubber paddle applied smartly to her buttocks whenever she slows down. Oh, and let the poor girl wear a pair of running shoes… but nothing else.

  16. What a great idear! Love to see Katie on this, but a few mods first, it needs a high cross beam frame across the treadmill so the Hucows neck can be locked to it,[at the back of the collar to keep her upright] the arms locked behind her the udders would bonce more and she still get exercised.

  17. Katarinas pregnant again! Please put her on the goat milker once she’s lactating!! That would be the best update ever

  18. marmalademadams

    Maybe she’s delivered by now. Maybe her teats are ready for the goat milker…am hoping, but she’ll want looking after properly.

  19. That’s been my dream since this site’s inception. Need actual milking! I think Natalia was milked, don’t know if it was filmed. Seems cleanup of the tubes is a pain.. but worth it maybe?

  20. HucowFarmer31

    I want to see more hucows forced to exercise like katrina here very sext

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