Liz – puffy nipples

Liz – puffy nipples

We found a new HuCow! Stripper girls are great, because they show us their udders voluntarily and we can easily see if they’re suitable. Well, Liz is VERY suitable to become a permanent HuCow! She has the most beautiful pointy udders you have ever seen, with very large puffy nipples. Her udder shape and nipple size make her perfect for milking. After her capture, we hooked her straight on to the electronic breast training machine to find out how much growth potential there is with Liz. She was confused and scared of course, but don’t worry, she will get used to her new life soon!

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  1. New girls are great.. but can you please bring some more girls with large breasts, that’s all I’m here for anymore

  2. HELLOOO LIZ…welcome to your new life. Her nips and udders are fantastic!!! They fit perfectly in the machine and am sure they will expand to capacity to fill those cups out. LOVE HER NIPS, will be perfect for milking!
    Please show more hucows on the breast training machine, there are many out there waiting (they may just not know it yet!)

  3. Woooooooooooooooooooooooooow…amazing!

  4. Liz is probably gonna need extra pussy stimulation to produce more milk. Since she’s a stripper I doubt she’s as sensitive as some of our more innocent cows. Milking frame with a fucking machine/vibrator world fit her perfect I think!

    • Also, why wasn’t she stripped naked? We need to get her broken in to her new life and her new life doesn’t involve clothes…

  5. keep up the good work on this hucow

  6. hello I would love to be like liz be captured and be a cow

  7. Whats the maximum this machine will do, will it suck the udders to the plastic cup size?

  8. That would be something, watching the udder fill the cup to stretching, maybe more suction is needed!


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