Shay in the barn

Shay in the barn

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We moved newcomer Shay to the barn now. She will find out what a real milking machine feels like. Collared to the frame, she seems restless, but we move on with the procedure. Shay is a very sensitive HuCow, but still we selected the most powerful machine for her. It’s just the best way to test new additions to the herd. The red cow milker will show us what she can handle. We even put it on a high setting, so high you can see the cups moving by themselves! With every stroke of milking action, Shay’s oiled nipples get sucked into the cups further and further. There is nothing she can do to stop this powerful machine. She is a HuCow now, nude and locked to the milking frame. It’s not an easy fate, but she will get used to it. Although with this one that will take a little bit longer.

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  1. Please use the red milker on katarina!

  2. very nice udders…suck those nipples into those cups – fill them to the max…then to the bed for some real action

  3. why donot you make hand milking videos

    • Because I”m not sure how many people want to see that. Please comment everyone!! No? Yes?

      • I like the idea but only if the utters are filled with milk. Otherwise it will just look like your give the cows a massage and that’s not what we came here for.

      • Ya hand milking ….plz do.. on katie and Katarina..

  4. Personally, hand milking doesn’t quite do it for me, but I’m not completely opposed to the idea either.

  5. Hand milking into a metal bucket.

  6. Yes, absolutly. Hand milking is cool

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