Shay – pumping bra

Shay – pumping bra

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Real life submissive Shay from Nigeria found us! She wants to become a HuCow, but her nipples are very sensitive because she gave birth not too long ago. This means we have to slowly but steadily get her used to milking sessions. She will need a lot of training on the various machines, but at least she will not need any obedience training. Shay is already broken in, which will speed up her transformation a lot! We don’t have many dark skinned HuCows yet, so we are very happy about this newest addition to our herd. We milked Shay (quite hard) with the double breast pump, using a pumping bra to keep the cups firmly in place. Welcome to the farm!

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  1. this bra is not good, it hided the breasts

  2. Agreed with milkman. Other than that though she is gorgeous! And having given birth recently we should be able to get her milk flowing again quite quickly!

  3. use a nursing breast for nursing mothers with opening cups

  4. William48

    I think she should be fucked and milked so there is optimal hormone flow so she can be milked longer Wich will help her sistivaty

  5. William48

    and I forgot to mention that you will need to strap her down.

  6. I would like to see her milked with the suction slowly increase to maximum

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