Penny Lee returns!

Penny Lee returns!

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She swore would never get milked again, after her ordeal two years ago. But we have been after her ever since, because she may just have the most perfectly shaped natural udders in the world! She is back now, very hesitant to go on the milking bed, because she knows she will be milked by the goat milker she hated so much last time! At least her position will be a lot more comfortable than the milking frame. Penny was requested by so many members, we just had to get her back. She asked us NOT to thank those members who have asked for her return. Oh well, we will keep her for a while longer this time, maybe she just needs more sessions to get used to the machines.

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  1. HELLO PENNY!!! WELCOME BACK to where you rightfully belong!! her udders are perfect for milking and the bed is perfect for those “extended” sessions she needs. Oil her up, and let’s go! She must be a permanent addition to the hucows.

  2. Milking bed – the most sexiest position to milk a hucow with beautiful udders! We wish MORE updates like this one ?

  3. Nip Trainer

    Love when you have the “before” and “after” photos! Nice to see Penny Lee trained properly at the end

  4. Welcome back penny u are one of my favourite hcows on here i hope to see u on the red cow milker machine next

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