Jade Samantha – speed milking

Jade Samantha – speed milking

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Wow, after Penny Lee, now Jade Samantha returns. It must have been more than 2 years ago since we last saw her. Not surprising, because milking hurts her a lot. She has very sensitive nipples. Even so, she is back and she looks great! Her boobs have grown and she is becoming more curvy! Last time she went on the goat milker, so now it’s time for the more powerful red cow milker. We turned it up to a fairly high speed! Jade is still a screamer, so we had to gag her. This was an intense session, don’t miss it!

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  1. Oh my Jade!!!! The years have been kind. Looking so good!!! Look at those udders!!! Let her scream,turn the milker on high!!!

  2. Please do this exact thing to katarina! Red milker high speed

  3. Welcome back jade your udders look so big now i hope u stray here for awhile now i hope to see her next on the milking bed

  4. You guys need a portable milking machine a man or truck that has a milking rack and a milking machine in it

  5. What is the ideal mindset for a hucow or to be a hucow? I want to ask my hypnotist to work with me on that. Thank you in advance for your help.

    • The perfect mindset is docile. But many hucows still have a significant human part that is fighting their treatments and sessions.

      • So a hucow should see herself more as chattel than as a human woman? That would help a lot, right?

  6. I would LOVE to come try this machine, but cannot travel at the moment. Which Milker do you suggest to start with? My husband and I are wanting to start this lifestyle but regular breast pumps are not cutting it for me.

  7. monsterskippy

    she should be put in the milking frame with the fucking machine behind her it would be so hot

  8. I’m getting the cops bc this is wrong

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