Ulysse – feisty French hucow

Ulysse – feisty French hucow

Cute French hucow Ulysse just doesn’t want to submit! Maybe her introduction was a little harsh (straight on the red cow milker), but she is hard to tame and that doesn’t make her training easier. Her udders are nice and soft, and not actually that small, but we thought it would be a good idea to increase their size a little on the electronic breast training machine. The special bra we are using is great for keeping the cups in place, but Ulysse found a way to fight the suction, even with her hands and feet cuffed. She was getting more and more tired though, and she almost couldn’t fight anymore, especially when the machine suddenly built up pressure and got a firm hold on her udders, sucking them all the way in, increasing their size almost by three times. It’s a beautiful struggle, one worth watching over and over again.

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  1. Wow..that is a dream machine… max size those udders!!!!! love it…. wouldn’t mind trying it on myself

  2. My favorite cow i m french ;)

  3. Will Cory ever be back? She was on of my favorites

  4. Wow that is a dream video max size those udders and her nipples keep up.the good work

  5. That’s amazing! Wonderful!

  6. Very hot. I want to get these for my girl.

  7. should be put on the milking bed too – stretch the udders to the max

  8. Lizzane more please

  9. What a bad mo-cow knocking the cups off, hope she was given a suitable punishment, this is what i have said before need better restraints, or shorter ankle chains so the arms are kept out of the way!

  10. I absolutely love this shoot. Kind request,please do one more like this. I love to see close up boobs jiggling in this see through cup bra.


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