Chessie Kay – a little break

Chessie Kay – a little break

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Meanwhile, Chessie Kay has been trained to become a perfect HuCow pet slave. She is collared 24/7 and spends a lot of time in her cage. The cage is not locked because she will not escape. She is completely obedient now, conditioned to a reward and punishment structure (and regular milkings of course). Chessie has been spending time with nipple suckers on her boobs. They constantly pull on her nipples when she is not being milked, but today she gets a break to show you how well trained she is. Chessie drinks from the calf bucket and sits up with her paws up when she is waiting for instructions. Gestures are enough, words are not needed. The farmer only has to hold out his hand and Chessie will place her udder in it, to be inspected or massaged. She is such a good HuCow! She gets a reward today, a few orgasms with the magic wand, which also will help to stimulate her milk flow!

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  1. Love Chessie! Please put her on the red milker!

  2. i loved Chessie please put her on the red milker next

  3. nipples suckers are great!!!!! keep the pressure on!!! I swear by them!!! love her udders!!!!

  4. Great. Would love to see some hand milking. How about a reader’s wives section where we could submit wifes being milked pictures.

  5. Love Chessie! Please put her on fucking machine.

  6. I love these fake boobs girls such as Chessie and Katie. Fake boobs look so FULL, its perfect for this kind fantasy!

  7. goat milker until we see milk came out from those tits

  8. Her boobs are awesome

  9. I like very much Chessie , she looks ” bitch ” and that is the kind of girl I prefer ; a little gentle and really submissive . Her tits sounds nicely gorgeous and quite massive ;

  10. This beautifull HuCow must be more harder worked to increase her tits to a EE cup.
    It could be exciting following all the different stages to obtain her new bulky “juggs”

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