New girl Ashley taken to the barn

New girl Ashley taken to the barn

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150 updates! We have to celebrate that by abducting a new girl to the barn! Stripper girl Ashley likes to show her big boobs to guys, but she is rather arrogant. Time to teach her a lesson on the cruel goat milker! Still wearing her stripper heels and her hoop earrings, beautiful Ashley finds herself on all fours locked to a milking frame in the barn. The farmer tries to calm her down, but Ashley is panicking a little. When the goat milker is attached to her great udders, she seems afraid her nipples will get damaged. Don’t worry, they will get stretched a bit, and yes, that hurts. Ashley is a very promising HuCow, she is already making soft ‘moo’ sounds! Maybe she likes being milked? Probably not, but we will get her there!

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  1. Cow Milker

  2. Should bring back Vina, she had the most beautiful udders I have ever seen

  3. Nip Trainer

    Nope….If she’s the arrogant type – first stop is the milking from with high speed cow milkers. Nips need a quick lesson.

  4. Nip Trainer

    Milking frame

  5. Welcome Ashley!!!! love those udders…will be even better when they are stretch to their full capacity. Put her on the bed!

  6. Please get Vina back, she was getting nicely plump

  7. welcome Ashley I would like to see on the milking bed next and please bring back Vina

  8. What happened to natalia forrest?? She was sooo good

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