Katie – vibrated on the bed

Katie – vibrated on the bed

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Members requested a little stimulation for our most popular HuCow Katie! Vibration or any other stimulation is known to release hormones that get the milk production going, so cows need to be stimulated a lot. We put Katie on the milking bed and added a magic wand between her legs. We pushed it right against her, and raised her hips a little, so she would have full contact with the vibrator all the time. First, we turned on the goat milker and then, to help her relax a little from the stressful milking, we turned on the vibrator. Katie’s mind clearly went in two directions. Pleasure and pain, it is an interesting combination! Katie is such a prized cow on our farm, she is fantastic to watch! Don’t miss it!

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  1. I love this video i do love katie she is making a lovely hucow keep up the good work i would just say i think her nipples need to be a little bit bigger now

  2. My oh My, Katie!!! Thank you!!! My dreams have been answered, This is where she belongs! Love the stimulation – getting it with the MAGIC wand!!! Her udders are so nice and heavy and milk filled. You may have to increase the size of the udder slot for accommodation of hers. Love this – the best scenario yet!!!!!!

  3. Katie is best!

  4. monsterskippy

    should of used the red cow milker and you should milk katie while she is riding the sybian it would be amazing

  5. She has no competition since… two years? Maybe its time to hire more girls of similar caliber? :)

  6. oh yeah finally!

    It’s amazing. I waited for this. really good.

    thank you so much. and I want she to shoot more works.


  7. Hey Can’t you milk her with some bigger thing than goal milker like cups that cover the larger area of breasts ? I mean when there are cups on her boobs, bigger part of breasts will be sucked in and out which looks more sexier than this.

  8. Should breast bound her boobs before milking and put a hood gag over her beautiful face also strap her down tighter to the table

    • I agree with strapping them down tighter. They’re just cows, they might hurt themselves with all that squirming.

  9. The true reason we like breasts is that they can produce milk. Most people mistakenly think that this is only for feeding babies. But human milk is healthy for everyone of us and is far superieur than cow milk. Human milk protects us from many deceases and makes us strong. And we only need little of it every day.

    I therefore strongly support the idea that girls provide their familie members with their precious milk. By nature girls love to feed and protect the ones they care for. They would loved to be milked six times a day and the appreciation they receive for their essential contribution! We must not withhold them this feeling of ultimate happiness.

    Also non pregnant girls can produce milk. But it needs some discipline and determination to start up the lactation process. The milking machines on this website are excellent to stimulate this. At first a girl needs six to twelve milking sessions a day. To make good progress a milking session during the night is recommended . Following these procedures a non pregnant girl gives milk after a few months. This is a sacrifice, but it is completely worth the effort of it!

    And it’s such a beautiful and natural sight when a nude girl on her hands and knees is milked in the barn. The best milk is produced in the morning, this would be a great family sharing moment to watch. And after the morning milking session, the essential fluid can be enjoyed during family breakfast. There is no better start of the day! Any girl would glow of pride and happiness as she has fulfilled her important natural tasks!

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