Cindy Dollar and Nicole Vice – friends milked

Cindy Dollar and Nicole Vice – friends milked

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One girl we definitely had to get back (from our humble beginnings in January 2015) is the awesome Cindy Dollar, who got milked by the goat milker when no one really knew what that machine could do. She’s so brave! Today, she still looks awesome with juicy udders, and better yet, she has a friend who has great udders too! Together, they will be milked by the powerful red cow milker (4 boobs are perfect for the cow milker). These two friends are tough, they don’t want to let us know it really hurts a lot, so they are trying to keep a straight face. I even turned the speed up during milking, but these girls are hardy HuCows, they can take a lot! Very promising, and so great to see familiar faces flocking back to the farm!

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  1. 2 HUCOWS!!!! Twice as nice…. 2 great pairs of udders!!! Nicole aptly named. Love their pre-milked poses. Always better to be milked with a friend to share the experience

  2. Great bringing back all these girls!

  3. I love these 2 hucows there are so sexy and got a great pair of udders if i was a bull and if they were in heat i would impreangent them keep up the good work hope to see these Hucows a bit more on here

  4. Awesome,get Cindy on the milking bed next.

  5. Please do this to Katie and Katarina!!!

  6. Or how about Sha Rizel? maybe she’d join the barn one day..

  7. My comment goes for all HuCows, not just here (I could not find a general comment section).

    We should get measurements on all HuCows. Height, weight, cup size, figure, age, how much milk they produce (if any), how long have they had uninterrupted milking.

    Also consider measuring before and after session and from session to session. Every good HuCow should show progress right?

    Also consider interviews of HuCows. Maybe, a milking virgin versus an experienced milker. Or am I not getting the right vidz?

    All your HuCows are outstanding.

  8. Dildo Saggins

    Why arent the whores mooing like cows? This would increase the degradation

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