Alais – extra stimulation

Alais – extra stimulation

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The new milking frame has a few surprises for our girls! The first surprise for a bewildered Alais is that it is on wheels. We strapped her udders with leather belts and attached a leash to them. This way we could pull her towards the goat milker BY HER BOOBS! Yes, Alais is wheeled towards her milking position being pulled only by her big udders. But that’s not all, the new frame also has a magic wand holder, so our hucows can now be stimulated during milking. It is said that this will increase production and induce lactation a lot faster! Alais did not know we were going to vibrate her, so she was very surprised indeed. She just kept saying ‘this is evil!’, until the sensations of the goat milker and the magic wand took over, and she couldn’t speak anymore.

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  1. Every vid should be like this. Just awesome.

  2. MilkingLover

    This is delightful…but surely your wand needs some protection on it, if it will be used by different cows? That’s just hygenic….

  3. I remember a girl named “Faith Nelson” from UK. Would be a great choice too. But she retired.

  4. I love the video when is vina coming back i would like to see sophie dee she is my favourite pornstar she in the us

  5. Just add a fucking machine to the setup and you will have a trifecta

  6. DarthFugue

    I agree, with JOSEPH…

    WHEN is our “Li’l Bovina” making another appearance?

    The NEXT TIME she appears, Admin, you MUST hook her up, to this Frame (with the MAGIC WAND “distracting” her, from the AWESOME POWER, of the RED MILKER… “swallowing” her well-oiled udders – BOTH, on HIGH!)

    I cannot believe that it’s been OVER 2 YEARS since you began this website!
    (Honestly, Admin, it feels like it was “just yesterday”!)

    You NEED to COMMEMORATE the moment, by BRINGING BACK the “very 1st HuCow”, on this site: Sarah Jain! ?

  7. A belt around her udders then pulled along, Why do i have a picture in my head of Katie leather belts around her udders, hands cuffed behind and trotting on the treadmill, with no escape as the other end of the belt is fasterned to the treadmill, udders bouncing with each step!

  8. Chrisman

    Love your site. truly inspiring. What is the brand of goat milker and red milker that you use?

    Thank you

  9. This frame has the perfect angle so the milker lines up directly on the teat.

    Much better for the hucow ~ and the visual is so fun!

    My cock is throbbing ~ thanks to Alias!

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