Jezzy and Dolly – goat milker

Jezzy and Dolly – goat milker

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These friends never expected to be milked for real. But they were! This is their first time on the goat milker (or on any machine), and these two Hucows are still very sensitive. First time milking sessions always hurt a lot, but they shouldn’t complain, because most Hucows have to face this alone, and Jezzy and Dolly have each other! Their udder types couldn’t be more different though. Jezzy has very firm udders with tight skin, so her nipples are small and don’t get sucked into the cups very far. Blonde Dolly has supple udders with bigger nipples, so she is stretched a bit more. First time milkings can be rough, and Jezzy and Dolly were very upset during and after this session. It’s their life now, and they should get used to it, but it will take a lot of time for these two!

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  1. Methinks they could both you time on the milking bed – that may relax them more and also let nature take its course in increasing their udder sizes. oh… and time on the fucking machine also – perhaps side by side to hear their compared ecstastic moos

  2. Hucow Lover

    You should milk Katie and Katarina together like this

  3. (Sorry for being off-topic)

    What has actually become of Vina?

  4. I would like tonsee katie and katarina milked together like is and is vina coming back

  5. i want see the milk goat pumping Natalia Forrest’s lactating breasts!

  6. I want to see more of Vina!

  7. I would also like to know what has become of Vina

  8. Beautiful girls, and one more fantasy (nearly) fulfilled

  9. Agree with Hucow, you have to milk Katie and Katarina together or even go for three?

  10. milk is love

    Dolly is so sexy…. she is a perfect Hucow! want to see her being fucked by large bulls 😋

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