Little Caprice on the red cow milker!

Little Caprice on the red cow milker!

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Getting Little Caprice on the most powerful machine is the most requested session in the history of this website! Ever since we managed to get her to our farm, and we milked her with the double breast pump, members have been asking for more. But Caprice is a famous starlet, whose tiny boobs are priceless for her appearances on her many projects. She wouldn’t like her precious udders to get harmed by a powerful vacuum pump! Well, she may be a big star, but here at the farm we treat her like any other hucow. That means she will have to do more sessions, especially since she has small udders and a very low milking pain tolerance. She needs to get used to the machines, what better way to start than the red cow milker! Poor Caprice, she is our cutest and most famous hucow, but there’s no special treatment for her.

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  1. Thank you admin, welcome back lovely Little Caprice!

  2. It nice to see little caprice back in barn keep her i loved her small unddes next i will like to see her on breast tranning machine to grow them a little bigger

  3. Vina and Caprice should do a scene together! Two bound cows, four tiny cow udders, one super stressful milking

  4. Nip Trainer

    Love that you include a nipple ‘before’ shot (not just the ‘after’). Nice touch

  5. Hi
    Caprice has one of the best titties in the industry, i have joined the site for her again. I think you should make more care to show her udders. I think the lower wooden bar not fitted to her. Katarinas last frame from jul 15 or Nellys milking frame from jul 1 should do the job better. I cant wait to see her again;)

  6. MilkingLover

    Going to say it again: She’d be happier with a Hitachi between her thighs….

  7. NOW…this is what little hucows are made from!!! Will enjoy watching her grow into her role

  8. Caprice was brought to the Hucow farm for being promiscuous in college instead of doing her school work that her father paid dearly for.
    Upon their arrival to the farm, she was quickly handcuffed because she was looking around and quickly asking questions. One of the hucow dairy masters assisted her father in walking her inside for registration and they quickly locked her hucow collar on her. The Hucow Master told her father she would be taken care of. So her father told her to enjoy her summer vacation and left. Scared and looking around she was quickly stripped by the milk maidens and they led her into the dairy farm where she saw several other hucows being milked.
    She began to protest then was shown a leather strap with a deep throat cock gag and told that if she didn’t quieten down that they wouldn’t give her a choice.
    She then was locked to the milking frame where the vet gave her a short exam and an okay to give her first milking.
    She was chained to the milking rack where she protested a little. But the maiden paid no mind to her. Prepped the machine, turned it on and attached the suction tubes to her teats and left her to her first 45min milking.
    She didn’t produce much milk, but after the tubes were removed she was locked to wall of her stall and told to relax for the night. Tomorrow would bring another day and another milking.
    Maybe after the summer at hucows she will pay a little attention to her school work..



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