Katie – milking bench

Katie – milking bench

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We did not forget about our popular hucow Katie! She needs regular milking sessions too! This farm is maybe getting a bit too big to run, should we stop adding more hucows and stick to the ones we have or do you like to see new girls once in a while? Anyway, we did not strap Katie to the milking bench yet, so it is time to put her in this rather uncomfortable position. Her udders are so big they are stretched over the edge of the bench, nipples pointing down for perfect milking! Katie hates the red cow milker so we decided to use that machine to get her used to the high vacuum power a bit more. Let’s go! There are a lot of girls waiting to be milked so we have to get on with it!

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24 Responses

  1. Love it!

  2. please use the red milker on katarina!

  3. Always love seeing Katie and her great udders – in all positions.
    But would like to see new prospective hucows and watch the progression as their udders and nipples grow from small to medium to Katie and they are persistently milked

  4. Would love to see vina back and see how she’s progressing

  5. MilkingLover

    And again…no hitachi. You think the cows would like something to distract them…or at least provide more entertainment for us!

  6. Tinytittyslove

    New ones, for sure! Also ladies with small breasts are fantastic.keep up the good work!

  7. She is d best cow… Her udder.. just love them..

  8. I would love to see updates more than once a week…. just saying

  9. I love katie huge udders i will love to see them grow more and hope it will be milk coming out of them soon keep up the good work

  10. Keep the best, most popular ones aka Katie and Katarina and try to find more girls of similar caliber (natural and implants, so theres something for everyone)?

  11. use the milker goat with a lactating girl and with her breasts full of milk!

  12. Finally!

    I was really looking forward to watch a new video!!

    Thanks a lot~ and enjoy it every one :)

  13. Where, O’ where, is “Li’l Bovina”?

    You NEED to bring her BACK!!!

    You should put her in a “scenario”, EVERY OTHER WEEK, to make-up for all of the LOST TIME!

    If not (at the very least) Make Her a PERMANENT HuCow, at the Farm!

    Those of us, who cherish the “Li’l Bovina”, are DEEPLY DISAPPOINTED that she hasn’t graced her presence, on your Farm, for quite some time, now!

    If she’s NOT coming back, would you (at the VERY LEAST) inform us? (So that we can “stop asking”, at the very least!)

  14. Hucow wanna be

    Would like to be milked

  15. Such perfect tits!

  16. oh wow, I’d love to tie her in my barn and milk her myself.
    ;) …

  17. Katie looks amazing like this, tits hanging down for milking the only thing missing is a ring in her nose!

  18. Mark ostrander

    You need two more benches and milk machines and bound jj plush and goldie blair next to katie. Then you have a hell of a milk farm

  19. Love to see Katie she is the reason I started my own hucow farm

  20. Hucow77

    Love it!!
    I would love to become a hucow!!!
    I already emailed you but I didn’t get a response…
    Please email me back!!!

  21. This is top. More of her please

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