Chessie Kay – defenseless

Chessie Kay – defenseless

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We invented a new milking position! Chessie Kay was the first to try it and she was definitely NOT happy about that. Lying on her back, her legs are spread apart with ankle cuffs and her wrists are cuffed to the bed frame. This leaves our precious HuCow completely open and defenseless. Udders and pussy are available for stimulation and milking. This is perfect! We built a frame to hold the goat milker hoses, so Chessie would be milked from above. Since she was clearly not happy about her predicament, we tried to calm her down a little by vibrating her pussy, but that only made her squirm more, as her brain started to overload from the stimulation on all of her sensitive areas. We love this new position, it gives us great access! Not all udders will be suitable for upside down milking, but we will keep trying to invent new ways to do these sessions. If you have any ideas (preferably with drawings), send them in!

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  1. good this position, good idea. to try with Katie.

  2. Aww… poor Chessie. She looks so uncomfortable. And so embarrassingly exposed. You can see every intimate part of her and there’s no way she can cover herself up. What a rotten way to strip a young lady of her dignity… ha ha ha.

  3. I love the new frame! Hanging the milkers is an amazing idea I’m glad you did it, love this update. Glad to see more of Chessie she’s wonderful.

  4. Having her legs over her head like that, I’d be concerned about enough room for her to breathe. But she did okay, so that is all good. The other option would be a birthing table like setup, where she is held in place, and the vibrator just stays in position. Give her a few orgasms while milking, then turn it down after getting enough milk.

    But the vibrator is left in place, so she can feel it keeping her frisky as you measure the amount. After measuring you can tell her she is a good cow as you turn the vibrator back up. Physical pleasure combined with words to condition her to her new job in life. To make it easier, get a set of headphones hooked up to an Ipod or similar, and set it to randomly go through words and phrases to train her.

  5. This would be a good position for the fucking machine in the rump and the vibrator on the pussy for maximum stimulation

  6. Sure here is an idea. Have them bent over legs widely spread. Put a buttplug with a tail in their ass. They can shake the tail while hooked up to a machine.
    Hell stick a vibrator on them too!

  7. Chessie Kay has very nice and sexy feet, why did you hide them in shoes? :(

    • Those heels are the bane of my existance.

      • Good point zxc123, and, as an experiment, let’s tickle the bare soles of her feet with a feather to see if that increases milk yield. And, if all that happens is a lot of shrieking, screaming and pleas for us to stop, well… no harm done.

  8. porable milking machine

  9. Lizzane more please

  10. MilkingLover

    I don’t know what is more uncanny: that someone thought this was a good position, or that other members of this site think it’s a good idea.

    Cow tits point down, so gravity can do its natural work on an udder; have you ever seen a cow milked on her back?

  11. Since Chessie was ‘unexpectedly volunteered’ for a life in the Hu-cow dairy her family have been understandably concerned over her abrupt abduction (strike that, I meant ‘adoption’) and disappearance. The release of this photo set however should allay all of their concerns, as it is evident just from looking at them that Chessie is healthy, well nourished, clean and is receiving plenty of attention. And that she is perfectly contended with her new life as a productive member of the herd, so her Mother and Father can relax and needn’t have any further worries about how their daughter is being treated.

  12. i love this uploaded

  13. I’m in favour of the traditional cow girl milking position: fully nude on all fours, so tits are pointed down, and ass lifted up. This is the natural position that gives the best milking result. By lifting her ass male family members or just local males are invited to breed with her. High frequency breding stimulates the milking process and makes this an even more happier event for the cow girl.

    For studbook cow girls who are milked 6 to 10 times a day, it’s okay to have a litte variation in the milking position. But never, nerver during the first morning milking session. In this way the quality standard of cow girl milk stays very high!

  14. What a nice scene infeed, thanks so much Chessie!

    I just wanted to tel you, I have a new girlfriend and I told her about my fantasy to suck milk from her D-cups. She likes the idea and I have sucked her nipples twice a day for two weeks. She really likes it when I suck them hard!
    Yesterday she told me that she felt something, that her boobs felt sore on the inside, felt a little fuller and seemed to swell a bit. I really hope that this meens that the produktions is about to start, I’m so excited! I’ll keep you updated if you like.

  15. Can you put Shay in this breeding position?

  16. great video!!! stimulation and milking make this kind of videos more often


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