Olga – sensitive nipples

Olga – sensitive nipples

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Poor Olga! First time in the barn and already treated like one of the main herd. Olga has very sensitive nipples, but she actually volunteered to be a hucow. She just wants it so much! It’s interesting to see her expressions in this session, she is in pain but she smiles too. We prepared Olga by using nipple suckers to extend her nipples a bit more. This makes the goat milker more effective, as it can get a good grip on the nipples. Olga’s udders are oiled up of course, to make sure they are supple and get sucked in even further. The goat milker is a painful experience for Olga, but it’s her first time. She will get used to regular milking sessions and her body will adapt. Welcome to the farm, Olga!

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  1. ahhh… another new hucow added to the great stable. WELCOME OLGA – so nice to see you where you belong. Use those suckers on the udders. the nipples need to be nice and long for maximum effect. Let’s get the udders expanded too.

  2. welcome Olga I love it now that you have join the herd cant wait to see the next update with u in

  3. Hello Olga, it’s such a pleasure to welcome you to the herd. You are a beautifully built Cow Girl with perfect milking tits! And remember udders are meant to be milked! It’s a brave and very wise decision to go through life from now on as a Cow Girl. I can see that you have to get used to being milked. It is a new experience for you that milk is sucked out of your nipples and in the beginning it hurts a little. But there is also that sensational feeling, you have felt that too already!

    You will quickly get used to the milking machine, in fact, you will have a great desire to be milked more and more often! And that is logical, as a Cow Girl this is your natural calling and pride. It is really a shame ( I would say a crime!) that girls are not told this at school or at home. I’m so happy you have found out this special life event and probabely you want to catch up on the lost milking years of your life!

    Enjoy your time with the herd and the farmers will always take good care of their Cow Girls! I’m convinced that you will become one of the best milk producing Cow Girls!

  4. DarthFugue

    Look Out, “Li’l Bovina”!

    You, now, have some “Competition” – competition that’s, quite likely, going to leave you, in their dust! ??

  5. Is her face purple????

    • Well, it’s not easy being on the goat milker. Come over and try it yourself!

  6. the jar should be transparent to see the milk

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