Alais – multiple milking orgasms

Alais – multiple milking orgasms

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Alais is a rare HuCow. She gets aroused by bondage, so being locked to the milking frame already gets her going. Add a bit of double stimulation (vibrator and strong red cow milker) and Alais transforms into a helpless orgasming pet every time we milk her. As a true submissive, Alais can’t help getting all excited by the restrictive milking sessions. She needs very good care from her farmer, as she just cums and cums endlessly. We don’t want to destroy our precious herd, so we have to watch her and treat her like the rare HuCow she is. But Alais can take a lot. She loves it! The vibrator is on high speed during the entire session, as is the red cow milker, and the farmer even turns the vibrator up to extreme speed at the end just to tease Alais and get one more orgasm out of her! Amazing session!

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  1. ALAS ALAIS. such succulent udders. Oil them up, put her on the fucking machine and let her literally go.

  2. Just WOW :D Alais #1

  3. those red milker are bad ’cause you cant see her nipples been sucked and the milk flow if she had some.

  4. yes Milkman i will like tranparant suction cups so you can see nipples been sucked

  5. MilkingLover

    Love the setup–finally a house-cow gagged properly and secured, magic wand applied appropriately. Good work.

    I will say I didn’t see any evidence of these alleged “multiple orgasms.” I’ll watch again, but seriously, I don’t think she gets there.

  6. DarthFugue

    Whatever happened to “using your imagination”?!

    ALAIS’ “predicament” is “Quite Exquisite”!

    She is like the ENERGIZER© BUNNY – she just keeps cumming, and cumming… and, cumming…


  7. no never let her go but farmer can need transparant

  8. Love the setup ,congratulations!

  9. This was such a great video, beautiful cow, nice work, loved her muffled sounds. The only ask I’d have for a future video is when you do one with the toys like a vibrator type of toy, if you could try and capture one of the cow’s orgasms so we can see her lips and asshole pucker and twitch as she cums. That would be icing on the cake.

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