Darina – breast training machine

Darina – breast training machine

Aw young Darina has come such a long way in her training! Today it’s time for her medical check, because it is very important ALL HuCows in our herd have regular health checks. We want a healthy herd! A medical is also a great opportunity to get some time on the breast training machine done. Darina hates her medical checks, she would rather be chained to the wall in the barn, but it has to be done.
We start her off with some nipple suckers, because her nipples still could use a little growth. Her udders are coming along nicely for her age, but we still use the electronic breast training machine to soften her tissue and make her udders bigger by powerful suction. This is a rather uncomfortable process, so we try to help Darina along by giving her some pleasure at the same time.
Darina is dental gagged for this entire procedure, not really necessary with her (because she is already very docile) but it helps her focus on her training. She is definitely one of our youngest and most promising HuCows, and we can’t wait to see what else we can do to her to make her reach the next level. If you are a member and you have any requests for Darina’s training, please send us an email! We love to fulfill member requests, so let us know if you have any great setups or positions in mind for this valuable cute HuCow!

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  1. my favorite piece of equipment on my favorite part of the hucow anatomy. love to see the progression from nipple suckers to the training machine. would like to see more of this on other hucows. want to see the growth progression from their virgin day forward.

  2. notice her blond hair, think it would be much better for the hucows, Darina in particular, to be shaved bald top and bottom

  3. Amazing, more of this!

  4. Loved seeing her udder flesh stretch, hopping it was going to fill the cups, but i think she had far to much movement, tighter bounds next time or maybe some type of rack, and as the struggle you can turn a wheel etc to tighten up that leg or wrist, the only movement we need to see is the udders stretching.

  5. Wow wish that was me

  6. Hucow enthusiast

    I wish there was group studding… Strap them to a breeding bench, connect the teats, then pump them full <3

  7. Group studding would be good for most of the herd. It also makes it impossible to know who got the hucow pregnant. Pregnancy really increases the milk production a lot too !!

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