Olga – milked on the Sybian

Olga – milked on the Sybian

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Olga is a very sensitive HuCow, and she is almost ready to start producing! The many milking sessions have taken their toll however, and Olga has become a bit reluctant. So today we are milking her while she is sitting on the Sybian machine, it will help her brain to connect milking with pleasure. The Sybian is so powerful, most HuCows forget about the milking, as the waves of orgasms flow over them. Olga’s nipples have become so soft and sensitive, they will swell up to triple the size from a milking session, and she even starts producing a few drops! We are getting there, so today she is rewarded for all her hard work. A ride on the Sybian should help her through the difficult stages of her transformation!

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  1. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  2. milkinglover

    One of the best sessions in recent weeks; the combination of milking treatment and controlled orgasms is the best. And the face harness with the ballgag is nicely set off by the whorish pink sparkle lip gloss. Literally makes me squirm in envy….

  3. Love the position on this session. Leaves the udders in full view.

  4. Absolutely delicious video! I hope we get more content featuring Olga being stimulated.

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