Katie – full udders

Katie – full udders

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Katie is somewhat of a miracle HuCow. No matter how many times we milk her (and we have milked her A LOT), her udders always are full and extremely heavy. Her tiny frame has to carry a lot of weight! That’s why she actually likes the feeling of getting milked. Katie even likes to get strapped in the milking frame, it supports her arms, legs, and waist, letting those huge udders hang free. Getting oiled and massaged is her favorite part, but she is now completely used to the machines too. Bondage is actually not necessary anymore with her, she has become very docile. She is definitely the star of our barn, the most popular HuCow! She is back on the goat milker this time, and gets her nipples double in size!

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  1. Add katie to the farmer program so we all can milk her too!! ;)

  2. Hopefully little (big) Vina’s udders are on their way to being this big, a double feature of Katie and vina would be amazing

  3. I would fuck her that way, while she is milked my dick is fucking her pussy

  4. milkinglover

    Finally the camera work is starting to get it: the story is not about the tits. The story is about the cow. Showing her face—and yes, her delightfully pendulous udders—clearly during each step of the process is a huge improvement. Each sensation is written on her face and watching her struggles is what makes this video on of her best.

    • Nip Trainer

      What he said. The reactions are the best part of the sessions. More face close-ups, please!

  5. These are the types of updates I love! I’m not a fan of the other stimulation. Just want to see them hooked up to these machines in bondage! Love this scene!! Really love Katie!! Keep em coming!

  6. She needs to have a good magic wand session too, as an orgasmic thank you for the milking sessions she shows off

  7. Katie is great, but I love Katarina a little more. Maybe it’s just because I know she actually has milk in her udders, or maybe it’s because she hasn’t been made docile yet; but I also love that Katie has.

  8. NICE!!! Yes, Katie is fantastic. Love her NIPPLES now that they are perky and stick out above her aereolas. The key to breast torture is the NIPPLES. A woman’s NIPPLES are normally extra sensitive and can give utter and pure stimulation that increases the internal lubrication and can induce orgasmic responses within a woman’s internal sexual organs and if properly performed can produce orgasmic conneption contractions of cosmic proportions. Katie’s NIPPLES are almost PERFECT. Keep up the great work and look forward to more of Katie. NICE!!! ~s

  9. we love you Katie♥

    you’re the best hucow ♡3♡

  10. udderlover

    What amazing udders this cow has.
    She seems to like being milked as she made no sounds during her mikling.

  11. claudeclopper

    Katie you are a very beautiful sexy submissive hucow. Strapped into the Milking Machine. You are in great position to be breed by our best and biggest bulls. Need a picture from behind, with your needs wide apart it should be a great view of you beautiful udder. Your breed hole is ready fot the bull to jump you laying all his weight on you. driving his long cock deep into you all the way to your womb. No stimulation just jumping on you and slapping it in all the way. Pumping you full of his semen. He lays on you for several minutes. It is all you can do to hold his weight up with out going down. nothing under you to support you. You must stay study under his weight. If he is a good bull that hasn’t had a HUCOW or several days he will be able to breed you several times. Need to see your belly grow full with a beautiful calk. Hope fully a heifer that can become a HUCOW like her hot sexy mother

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