Katie – transformed

Katie – transformed

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It is very important for a HuCow to accept the full transformation. And Katie has reached that point now. She is silent, sleeps chained to the wall, and no longer uses her legs to stand up. Her hands are in mitts so she can not use her fingers, unless I let her. She lets herself be ballgagged without any complaints, she even loves gags and attention (like pats on the head), she is just a very docile perfect pet. Katie’s huge udders need daily care, and she is allowed to oil them to keep the skin supple and shiny. She also loves to get her udders massaged to keep her flow going, it is hard work but I really have to do this every day!

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  1. Great to see katie again! please put her on the cow milker soon!

  2. So…

    Which “Moo-chine” will Katie be MILKED on, next?

    One can only hope that it’ll be the “Cow Milker”, on “HALF-POWER”!
    (Since the Cow Milker is 4X MORE POWERFUL, than a Goat Milker, when it comes to suction! We wouldn’t want to “mutilate” her tender udders, now, do we?) ? ?

  3. Please let see us next saturday katie on the cow milker !!! Please

  4. Katie is fantastic. Love to see her in this outfit on the milker.

  5. huCow Petra

    Your huCows are wonderful. I think Katie is ready for a latex cow suit, as I put it. Kisses from huCow Petra

  6. How long is the video?

  7. I am delighted to see how well Katie’s conditioning (i.e. brainwashing!) is progressing. You have obviously got the whole process off to a fine art. (a cocktail of psychotropic drugs perhaps?) I congratulate you on how successfully you have manage to take a beautiful, intelligent and self possessed young lady and, in next to no time, converted her into little more than a dumb animal… a mindless piece of delectable livestock.
    Ref her no longer speaking however; I would posit that she will only be fully converted when she “Moo” s like a cow. Come on Katie… “Moo” for us like a good little cow.

  8. You guys should try using the breast training machine on katie to see if you can get her udders bigger

  9. guys they’re big enough. any bigger and she’d fall over.

  10. Id love to see her being transformed from a businesslady to a hucow, including undressing, collaring and the nice bondage you already have. Then led to a milker, of course. Perhaps Daisy would like to play the cowgirl?

  11. Her eyes tell the story; she has accepted her new life and will be a fine hucow for her life.

    She no longer has a desire for the objects human want; she merely wants her udders milked and oiled every day…. the perfect, docile hucow

    The best ~

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